Don’t Be the Little Mermaid

Don’t Be the Little Mermaid

Original Title: Mermaid Princess

Artist: Toshiki Kadomatsu

Lyrics: Toshiki Kadomatsu

Music: Toshiki Kadomatsu

While the waves are sighing,

you throw away your memories one after another into the ocean.

Then, you seem to be going away

without saying goodbye to anyone.

The love that began to grow in his heart on that day

came straight from your kindness.

But nobody knew the truth,

and your deepest love was returned.

Though you pretend to be insensitive to the news of his wedding,

your forced smile looks so sad.

Even though you imagine a fairy tale,

you cannot be the Little Mermaid.

The days you and he spent together were too beautiful

to regard as an illusion.

You are attempting to recollect every sweet word he said to you,

and to put it into the storage of time,

in spite of knowing that you wont be able to meet him again.

Whether you accept his happiness or not,

the memories keep your spirit in prison.

Instead of dissolving into foam

you can have a natural way, just once more.

Unless Im apart from you,

Ill prevent you from being the Little Mermaid.